Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Testing posting to a blog from an email address!

Okay, so maybe we’re already outside the strict scope of what this blog is about (a project reflection, rather than just my individual reflection on the learning!) I couldn’t resist testing this email facility J

Actually the first post was really May 08, but I had it in my holiday blog on Vietnam, rather than in the right place. I have also been thinking about the need to balance risk taking and accountability today, in between a lot of meetings about recogntiino. At one meeting somebody said people are sick of the sound of recognition – are they right?

Learning reflections

Our project got started on Monay May 4, 2009. The first meeting, as is often the case, included icebreakers, but we also had an independent facilitator who helped us complete a task analysis in a 2.5 hour meeting, so we have the project scoped!

If you're part of this project, a question for you: "What learning did you do?"I'll start the ball rolling: I learnt that you can participate a lot more effectively by: listening, not taking notes and trying to be everything at once. I have also known for a long time that if you trust people, they will certainly stand by that trust, as most people do not want to not succeed....this reminds me of something a world-famous swimming coach said to me about an under 12 swimming carnival - they don't swim to lose.