Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting ready for the mid term report

Have sent out a Survey Monkey survey to gather information for this report, and had two responses, both fabulous!

Also getting ready for the TMS: Team Management System which all our team members will undertake in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Part of the Initiative is to have mentoring conversations, half an hour on the phone. What did I learn from mine?
  • That we have a good partnership and innovation strategy happening.
  • That we have developed a good partnership with HR in particular, around performance development, TAA2, EEo and lots more!!
  • Some sub teams will operate better than others
  • The need to remove yourself sometimes
  • Don't be too hard on yourself :-)

We need some photos!

WEll, I've titled this posting as a reminder for myself! We are using a SharePoint site, which is only open to our team. This is becasue SharePoint is the preferred site for the Institute, so we are all learning along the way as well.

We have used Survey Monkey to collaboratively write the mid-term report, with some responses; we've tried a survey from the SharePoint site where the team's reflection on learning show that they've "learnt where the SharePoint site is" :-)

In deciding to go ahead with the project, I needed a facilitator who would move the team along. We decided to have four sub teams at the first meeting, where we also did an excellent job of scoping the poject, giving us great parameters around the Research, Content, Design and Promotion of the online induction resource.

What I love about this project is the links that are being made across various Units, Faculties and Colleges within the Institute, and how it scaffolds communication. Our second meeting saw three of the sub-teams move ahead with their planning and actions, and we now have a two week holiday.

On the 30th July we will have completed the TMS profile, and be having a debriefing day with our HR Business Partner.