Monday, August 31, 2009

28 August

Team work - this is the most dynamic team I've ever seen, and other people comment on it too. Do we need to quantify what we've achieved - how do you show a return on investment? Obviously we will have an end product - the online induction Wiki, but we've also developed team skills, as well as team building skills and tools to use with our own teams; project management skills, with the team leaders powering with their ability to draw together information and to then share it with everybody else on the project, and to be able to use technology, which we've probably improved in by about 50%, especially SharePoint, which can be cumbersome.

On the 28th we revistied the TMS work preferences, discussing how we've been able to apply this in our workplaces, with different styles of communication, having your profile posted in your office, doing the abbreviated tool with your own team, and various other impacts that the knowledge we gained about ourselves has had.

We then worked out a rough time line for the induction online, with a Media wiki workshop on the 10th Septebmer to learn more about populating and modifying the resource, and also drew together the results of the research, content, and promotion work with the design. Another good meeting, and thanks to Sharyn for facilitating, but to all for your enthusiastic, positive and constructive input to this project.

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